ECON 0466

Environment and Development

Environment and Development
Climate change, air pollution, tropical deforestation: there is little doubt that economic development affects, and is affected by, the global and local environment and natural resources. In this course we will explore the complex relationship between environment and development using the theoretical and empirical tools of applied economic analysis. We will begin with pioneering research papers on the empirics of economic growth, examine the macroeconomic evidence, and then move to the micro foundations of the poverty-environment nexus. Major topics will include the resource curse and environmental Kuznets curve hypotheses, approaches for understanding responses to climate variability and disasters in poor communities, management of natural resources in smallholder agriculture, choosing policy instruments for pollution reduction, conservation, and environmental protection, and relationships between human health and the environment. We will conclude with a number of selected topics and issues of contemporary policy relevance. (ECON 0111 (formerly ECON 0210) and ECON 0255 or IPEC 0240 [formerly ECON 0240]) 3 hrs. sem.
Social Sciences
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Fall 2024

ECON0466A-F24 Seminar (Berazneva)
ECON0466B-F24 Seminar (Berazneva)

Fall 2023

ECON0466A-F23 Seminar (Berazneva)

Spring 2023

ECON0466A-S23 Seminar (Berazneva)

Spring 2022

ECON0466A-S22 Seminar (Berazneva)

Fall 2018

ECON0466A-F18 Seminar (Berazneva)

Spring 2018

ECON0466A-S18 Seminar (Berazneva)