ECON 0455

Competitive Strategy

Competitive Strategy
What drives sustainability and market success in business and social organizations? How do competitive forces within and among industries shape competitive strategy? We will focus on the dynamics of how organizations create, execute and evaluate competitive strategies in diverse competitive environments using real-world cases. A premium will be placed on improving your writing and public speaking skills. Your Middlebury Solutions Group engagement will give you critical applied analysis and teaming experience in developing paths to profitability for early-stage enterprises. (ECON 0255) 3 hrs. sem., 1.5 hrs. lab
Social Sciences
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Fall 2010

ECON0455A-F10 Seminar (Claudon)

Fall 2009

ECON0455A-F09 Seminar (Claudon)

Fall 2008

ECON0455A-F08 Seminar (Claudon)

Fall 2007

ECON0455A-F07 Seminar (Claudon)

Fall 2006

ECON0455A-F06 Seminar (Claudon)

Fall 2005

ECON0455A-F05 Seminar (Claudon)

Spring 2005

ECON0455A-S05 Seminar (Claudon)

Fall 2004

ECON0455A-F04 Seminar (Claudon)

Fall 2003

ECON0455A-F03 Lecture (Claudon)