ECON 0445

International Finance

International Finance
An analysis of the world's financial system and the consequences for open economies of macroeconomic interdependence. Particular topics include: exchange rate determination, balance of payments adjustments, and monetary and fiscal policies in open economies. Special attention is paid to the issues and problems of the European Economic Community and European integration and debt in developing countries. (ECON 0250 or IPEC 0240 [formerly ECON 0240]) 3 hrs. sem.
Social Sciences
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Fall 2023

ECON0445A-F23 Seminar (Munro)

Spring 2022

ECON0445A-S22 Seminar (Munro)

Fall 2019

ECON0445A-F19 Seminar (Munro)

Spring 2019

ECON0445A-S19 Seminar (Munro)

Fall 2018

ECON0445A-F18 Seminar (Munro)

Spring 2018

ECON0445A-S18 Seminar (Munro)

Fall 2017

ECON0445A-F17 Seminar (Munro)

Spring 2017

ECON0445A-S17 Seminar (Munro)

Fall 2016

ECON0445A-F16 Seminar (Munro)

Spring 2015

ECON0445A-S15 Seminar (Moussa)

Fall 2014

ECON0445A-F14 Seminar (Moussa)

Spring 2014

ECON0445A-S14 Seminar (Edwards)
ECON0445B-S14 Seminar (Edwards)

Fall 2013

ECON0445A-F13 Seminar (Edwards)
ECON0445B-F13 Seminar (Edwards)

Spring 2013

ECON0445A-S13 Seminar (Edwards)

Fall 2012

ECON0445A-F12 Seminar (Edwards)

Spring 2012

ECON0445A-S12 Seminar (Edwards)

Fall 2011

ECON0445A-F11 Seminar (Edwards)

Spring 2011

ECON0445A-S11 Seminar (Lewin)
ECON0445B-S11 Seminar (Lewin)

Fall 2010

ECON0445A-F10 Seminar (Lewin)

Spring 2010

ECON0445A-S10 Seminar (Lewin)

Fall 2009

ECON0445A-F09 Seminar (Lewin)

Spring 2009

ECON0445A-S09 Seminar (Lewin)

Spring 2008

ECON0445A-S08 Seminar (Lewin)

Fall 2005

ECON0445A-F05 Seminar (Wandschneider)

Spring 2005

ECON0445A-S05 Seminar (Wandschneider)

Spring 2004

ECON0445A-S04 Lecture (Wandschneider)