ECON 0375

Monetary Theory and Policy

Monetary Theory and Policy
This course will cover the determination of interest rates, portfolio theory, the demand for money, and the supply of money process. Emphasis will be on the difficulties faced by the Federal Reserve in its goals of achieving a steady growth in aggregate demand while doing its best to ensure that monetary disorder, such as that which characterized the Great Depression, does not reoccur. (ECON 0150 and ECON 0155) 3 hrs. lect.
Social Sciences
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Fall 2014

ECON0375A-F14 Lecture (Prasch)

Fall 2013

ECON0375A-F13 Lecture (Prasch)

Fall 2012

ECON0375A-F12 Lecture (Prasch)

Spring 2012

ECON0375A-S12 Lecture (Prasch)

Fall 2011

ECON0375A-F11 Lecture (Prasch)

Spring 2010

ECON0375A-S10 Lecture (Prasch)
ECON0375B-S10 Lecture (Prasch)

Spring 2009

ECON0375A-S09 Lecture (Prasch)
ECON0375B-S09 Lecture (Prasch)

Spring 2008

ECON0375A-S08 Lecture (Prasch)

Spring 2007

ECON0375A-S07 Lecture

Fall 2006

ECON0375A-F06 Lecture (Prasch)

Spring 2006

ECON0375A-S06 Lecture (Prasch)

Spring 2004

ECON0375A-S04 Lecture (Prasch)