ECON 0350

Advanced Macro Theory & Policy

Advanced Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
In this course we will build on ECON 0250 to further develop the analytical tools for exploring key macroeconomic outcomes and policy. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to, economic growth; distribution; institutions; monetary, fiscal and macroprudential policy; and behavioral macroeconomics. We will explore modern developments in macroeconomic theory, and compare and critically evaluate the ability of different theoretical perspectives to provide insight into current events and the efficacy of macroeconomic policy (MATH 0121 or equivalent and (ECON 0250 or IPEC 0240 [formerly ECON 0240] and ECON 0211). 3 hrs. lect.
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2023

ECON0350A-S23 Lecture

Fall 2022

ECON0350A-F22 Lecture (Munro)

Spring 2022

ECON0350A-S22 Lecture (Munro)

Fall 2019

ECON0350A-F19 Lecture (Munro)

Spring 2018

ECON0350A-S18 Lecture (Davis)

Fall 2016

ECON0350A-F16 Lecture (Davis)
ECON0350B-F16 Lecture (Davis)

Spring 2016

ECON0350A-S16 Lecture (Davis)
ECON0350B-S16 Lecture (Davis)