ECON 0212

Empirical Economic Research

Empirical Research Methods in Economics
In this course we will provide students with the tools to conceptualize, design, and carry out a research project in economics. Topics will include survey design, sampling and power, experimental design (in and out of the lab), natural experiments, and other approaches to identifying causal relationships. Drawing from several sub-disciplines in economics, students will examine, replicate, and critique various studies. Emphasis will be placed on the formulation of valid, feasible research questions, and on the description and interpretation of results. (ECON 0211) 3 hrs. lect.
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2023

ECON0212A-F23 Lecture (Myers)

Fall 2021

ECON0212A-F21 Lecture (Gong)

Fall 2020

ECON0212A-F20 Lecture (Myers)

Fall 2019

ECON0212A-F19 Lecture (Gong)

Fall 2018

ECON0212A-F18 Lecture (Gong)

Fall 2017

ECON0212A-F17 Lecture (Gong)

Spring 2017

ECON0212A-S17 Lecture (Myers)
ECON0212B-S17 Lecture (Myers)

Fall 2016

ECON0212A-F16 Lecture (Gong)
ECON0212B-F16 Lecture (Gong)

Fall 2015

ECON0212A-F15 Lecture (Myers)

Fall 2014

ECON0212A-F14 Lecture (Myers)

Fall 2013

ECON0212A-F13 Lecture (Myers)