ECON 0111

Economic Statistics

Economic Statistics (formerly ECON 0210)
An introduction to the discipline of statistics as a science of understanding and analyzing
data with an emphasis on applications to economics. Key topics include descriptive statistics, probability distributions, sampling, random variables, the Central Limit Theorem, estimation, hypothesis testing, p-values, and linear regression. Students will be introduced to a statistical programming language. A weekly one-hour lab is part of this course in addition to three hours of class meetings per week. (Formerly ECON 0210) (Not open to students who have taken ECON 0210, MATH 0116, MATH 0310, or PSYC 0201.) 3 hrs. lect., 1 hr. lab
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
STAT 0201
MATH 0118
ENVS 1230 *
SOCI 1230 *
JAPN 1230 *
BIOL 1230 *
MATH 1230
FMMC 1230 *
WRPR 1230 *
LNGT 1230
ECON 0210
NSCI 1230 *
GEOG 1230 *
MATH 0201
MATH 0116
ECON 1230 *
PSCI 1230 *
HARC 1230 *


Spring 2024

ECON0111A-S24 Lecture (Gong)
ECON0111B-S24 Lecture (Gong)
ECON0111Y-S24 Lab (Gong)
ECON0111Z-S24 Lab (Gong)

Fall 2023

ECON0111A-F23 Lecture (Sommers)
ECON0111B-F23 Lecture (Sommers)
ECON0111C-F23 Lecture (Gregg)
ECON0111V-F23 Lab (Gregg)
ECON0111W-F23 Lab (Gregg)
ECON0111X-F23 Lab (Sommers)
ECON0111Y-F23 Lab (Sommers)
ECON0111Z-F23 Lab (Sommers)

Spring 2023

ECON01110-S23 Lab (Rao)
ECON01110-S23 Lab
ECON0111A-S23 Lecture (Sommers)
ECON0111B-S23 Lecture (Sommers)
ECON0111C-S23 Lecture (Rao)
ECON0111W-S23 Lab (Rao)
ECON0111X-S23 Lab (Sommers)
ECON0111Y-S23 Lab (Sommers)
ECON0111Z-S23 Lab (Sommers)

Fall 2022

ECON0111A-F22 Lecture (Rao)
ECON0111B-F22 Lecture (Gregg)
ECON0111W-F22 Lab (Gregg)
ECON0111X-F22 Lab (Gregg)
ECON0111Y-F22 Lab (Rao)
ECON0111Z-F22 Lab (Rao)