DANC 0381

Dance Company of Middlebury

Dance Company of Middlebury
Dancers work with the artistic director and guest choreographers as part of a dance company, learning, interpreting, rehearsing, and performing repertory dances. Those receiving credit can expect daily rehearsals plus technique classes, campus performance, and tour. Appropriate written work is required. Auditions are held in the fall semester for the full year; one credit will be given for two semesters of participation. (Approval Required; limited to sophomores through seniors by audition)
Requirements Fulfilled:
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Winter 2023

DANC0381A-W23 Lecture (Chavez)

Winter 2022

DANC0381A-W22 Lecture (Brown)

Spring 2021

DANC0381A-S21 Lecture (Jenkins)

Winter 2020

DANC0381A-W20 Lecture (Borni)

Winter 2019

DANC0381A-W19 Lecture (Winfield)

Winter 2018

DANC0381A-W18 Lecture (Brown)

Winter 2017

DANC0381A-W17 Lecture (Hardwig)

Winter 2016

DANC0381A-W16 Lecture (Kassabova)

Winter 2015

DANC0381A-W15 Lecture (Pollard)

Winter 2014

DANC0381A-W14 Lecture (Brown)

Winter 2013

DANC0381A-W13 Lecture (Olsen)

Winter 2012

DANC0381A-W12 Lecture (Rhynard)

Winter 2011

DANC0381A-W11 Lecture (Brown)

Winter 2010

DANC0381A-W10 Lecture (Campbell)

Spring 2009

DANC0381A-S09 Lecture

Winter 2009

DANC0381A-W09 Lecture (Tawil)

Spring 2008

DANC0381A-S08 Lecture (Rhynard)

Winter 2008

DANC0381A-W08 Lecture (Rhynard)

Spring 2007

DANC0381A-S07 Lecture (Olsen)

Winter 2007

DANC0381A-W07 Lecture (Olsen)

Winter 2006

DANC0381A-W06 Lecture (Chavasse)

Spring 2005

DANC0381A-S05 Seminar (Campbell)