DANC 0160

Introduction to Dance

Introduction to Dance
This entry-level dance course introduces movement techniques, improvisation/composition, performance, experiential anatomy, and history of 20th century American modern dance. Students develop flexibility, strength, coordination, rhythm, and vocabulary in the modern idiom. Concepts of time, space, energy, and choreographic form are presented through improvisation and become the basis for a final choreographic project. Readings, research, and reflective and critical writing about dance performance round out the experience. 2 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
PHED 0960


Spring 2025

DANC0160A-S25 Lecture
DANC0160Z-S25 Lab

Fall 2023

DANC0160A-F23 Lecture (Brown)
DANC0160Z-F23 Lab (Brown)

Spring 2023

DANC0160A-S23 Lecture (Jenkins)
DANC0160B-S23 Lecture (Chavez)
DANC0160Z-S23 Lab (Jenkins)

Fall 2022

DANC0160A-F22 Lecture (Chavez)
DANC0160Z-F22 Lab (Chavez)

Spring 2022

DANC0160A-S22 Lecture (Chavez)
DANC0160Z-S22 Lab (Chavez)

Winter 2022

DANC0160A-W22 Lecture (Chavez)

Spring 2021

DANC0160A-S21 Lecture (Borni)
DANC0160Z-S21 Lab (Borni)

Fall 2020

DANC0160A-F20 Lecture (Borni)

Spring 2020

DANC0160A-S20 Lecture (Winfield)

Fall 2019

DANC0160A-F19 Lecture (Brown)

Spring 2019

DANC0160A-S19 Lecture (Borni)

Fall 2018

DANC0160A-F18 Lecture (Brown)

Spring 2018

DANC0160A-S18 Lecture (Winfield)

Fall 2017

DANC0160A-F17 Lecture (Winfield)

Spring 2017

DANC0160A-S17 Lecture (Hardwig)

Fall 2016

DANC0160A-F16 Lecture (McGregor)

Spring 2016

DANC0160A-S16 Lecture (Martin)

Fall 2015

DANC0160A-F15 Lecture (Kassabova)

Spring 2015

DANC0160A-S15 Lecture (Pollard)
DANC0160Z-S15 Lab (Pollard)

Fall 2014

DANC0160A-F14 Lecture (Kassabova)
DANC0160Z-F14 Lab (Kassabova)

Spring 2014

DANC0160A-S14 Lecture (Cabeen)
DANC0160Z-S14 Lab (Cabeen)

Fall 2013

DANC0160A-F13 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0160Z-F13 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2013

DANC0160A-S13 Lecture (Brown)
DANC0160Z-S13 Lab (Brown)

Fall 2012

DANC0160A-F12 Lecture (Cabeen)
DANC0160Z-F12 Lab (Cabeen)

Spring 2012

DANC0160A-S12 Lecture (Olsen)

Fall 2011

DANC0160A-F11 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0160Z-F11 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2011

DANC0160A-S11 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0160Z-S11 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2010

DANC0160A-F10 Lecture (Brown)
DANC0160Z-F10 Lab (Brown)

Spring 2010

DANC0160A-S10 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0160Z-S10 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2009

DANC0160A-F09 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0160Z-F09 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2009

DANC0160A-S09 Lecture (Tawil)
DANC0160Z-S09 Lab (Tawil)

Fall 2008

DANC0160A-F08 Lecture (Willis)
DANC0160Z-F08 Lab (Willis)

Spring 2008

DANC0160A-S08 Lecture (Tawil)

Fall 2007

DANC0160A-F07 Lecture (Tawil)

Spring 2007

DANC0160A-S07 Lecture (Campbell)

Fall 2006

DANC0160A-F06 Lecture (Olsen)

Spring 2006

DANC0160A-S06 Lecture (Olsen)

Fall 2005

DANC0160A-F05 Lecture (Campbell)

Spring 2005

DANC0160A-S05 Lecture (Olsen)

Fall 2004

DANC0160A-F04 Lecture (Campbell)

Spring 2004

DANC0160A-S04 Lecture (Olsen)

Fall 2003

DANC0160A-F03 Lecture (Campbell)