CSCI 1005

Crash Course/Systems Security

Crash Course in Systems Security
In this course students will learn the theory and practice of computer systems security. Morning lectures will be complemented by afternoon lab-sessions in which, under the close guidance of the instructor, students will complete both individual and group projects that will deepen their understanding of how (in)secure systems are implemented. Students will learn to use industry-standard tools for performing analysis of system vulnerabilities; be introduced to the systems security research landscape; and gain an understanding of ethical, political, and financial issues surrounding systems security research. (Approval required; CSCI 0202)
Computer Science
Computer Science
Natural Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Winter 2023

CSCI1005A-W23 Lecture (Johnson)

Winter 2022

CSCI1005A-W22 Lecture (Johnson)

Winter 2020

CSCI1005A-W20 Lecture (Johnson)

Winter 2019

CSCI1005A-W19 Lecture (Johnson)

Winter 2018

CSCI1005A-W18 Lecture (Johnson)

Winter 2017

CSCI1005A-W17 Lecture (Johnson)

Winter 2016

CSCI1005A-W16 Lecture (Johnson)

Winter 2015

CSCI1005A-W15 Lecture (Johnson)