CSCI 0435

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems
In this course we will learn about microcontrollers (compact single-chip integrated circuits at the core of embedded systems), including their architecture and how they interface with the outside world. In laboratory assignments, we will experiment with different families of microcontrollers, analyze various types of interfaces, and learn how to connect with external sensors and devices. While gaining hands-on familiarity with the different aspects of embedded systems, teams of students will engage in a semester-long project to design and build their own embedded system. (CSCI 0202) 3 hrs. lect./1.5 hrs. lab.
Computer Science
Computer Science
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Fall 2021

CSCI0435A-F21 Lecture (Vaccari)
CSCI0435Z-F21 Lab (Vaccari)

Fall 2019

CSCI0435A-F19 Lecture (Vaccari)
CSCI0435Z-F19 Lab (Vaccari)