CSCI 0321

Bioinformatics Algorithms

Bioinformatics Algorithms
In this course we will explore and implement algorithmic solutions to modern biology questions. Students will be introduced to motivating biological questions—such as, “How do we compare DNA sequences?”—and then implement solutions to those problems using dynamic programming, graph, randomized, combinatorial and/or other algorithmic approaches. At the completion of the course students will be able to precisely define computational biology problems, design an algorithmic solution and implement that solution in software. No biology background is assumed, but students are expected to be able to implement sophisticated algorithms in Python. This course fulfills the Responsible Computing requirement for the Computer Science major.(CSCI 201) 3 hrs. lect./lab.
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Spring 2024

CSCI0321A-S24 Lecture (Linderman)

Spring 2022

CSCI0321A-S22 Lecture (Linderman)

Spring 2019

CSCI0321A-S19 Lecture (Linderman)

Spring 2017

CSCI0321A-S17 Lecture (Linderman)