CSCI 0313

Programming Languages

Programming Languages
A systematic approach to concepts and features of programming languages. The course focuses on four major programming paradigms: procedural, object-oriented, functional, and logic programming languages. Students will program in several languages representing the different paradigms. Topics include grammars, data types, control structures, run-time organization, procedure activation, parameter passing, higher-order functions, lambda expressions, and unification. (CSCI 0200 and CSCI 0202) 3 hrs. lect./lab
Computer Science
Computer Science
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2025

CSCI0313A-S25 Lecture

Fall 2023

CSCI0313A-F23 Lecture (Basu)
CSCI0313B-F23 Lecture (Basu)

Fall 2021

CSCI0313A-F21 Lecture (Scharstein)

Fall 2020

CSCI0313A-F20 Lecture (Scharstein)
CSCI0313X-F20 Lab (Scharstein)
CSCI0313Y-F20 Lab (Scharstein)
CSCI0313Z-F20 Lab (Scharstein)

Spring 2017

CSCI0313A-S17 Lecture (Scharstein)

Spring 2015

CSCI0313A-S15 Lecture (Scharstein)

Fall 2012

CSCI0313A-F12 Lecture (Briggs)

Fall 2010

CSCI0313A-F10 Lecture (Briggs)

Spring 2009

CSCI0313A-S09 Lecture (Scharstein)

Fall 2006

CSCI0313A-F06 Lecture (Briggs)

Spring 2005

CSCI0313A-S05 Lecture (Scharstein)