CSCI 0312

Software Development

Software Development
This course examines the process of developing larger-scale software systems. Laboratory assignments emphasize sound programming practices, tools that facilitate the development process, and teamwork. (CSCI 0200 and CSCI 0201) 3 hrs. lect./lab
Computer Science
Computer Science
Natural Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2025

CSCI0312A-S25 Lecture

Fall 2024

CSCI0312A-F24 Lecture (Biester)
CSCI0312B-F24 Lecture (Biester)

Spring 2024

CSCI0312A-S24 Lecture (Linderman)

Fall 2023

CSCI0312A-F23 Lecture (Linderman)

Spring 2023

CSCI0312A-S23 Lecture (Linderman)

Fall 2022

CSCI0312A-F22 Lecture (Andrews)

Fall 2021

CSCI0312A-F21 Lecture (Andrews)
CSCI0312B-F21 Lecture (Andrews)
CSCI0312Y-F21 Lab (Andrews)
CSCI0312Z-F21 Lab (Andrews)

Spring 2021

CSCI0312A-S21 Lecture (Andrews)
CSCI0312B-S21 Lecture (Andrews)

Fall 2020

CSCI0312A-F20 Lecture (Andrews)
CSCI0312X-F20 Lab (Andrews)
CSCI0312Y-F20 Lab (Andrews)
CSCI0312Z-F20 Lab (Andrews)

Spring 2020

CSCI0312A-S20 Lecture (Linderman)

Fall 2019

CSCI0312A-F19 Lecture (Andrews)

Spring 2019

CSCI0312A-S19 Lecture (Andrews, Linderman)

Spring 2018

CSCI0312A-S18 Lecture (Linderman)

Spring 2017

CSCI0312A-S17 Lecture (Andrews)

Fall 2015

CSCI0312A-F15 Lecture (Andrews)

Spring 2012

CSCI0312A-S12 Lecture (Kauchak)

Spring 2010

CSCI0312A-S10 Lecture (Briggs)

Spring 2008

CSCI0312A-S08 Lecture (Huang)

Spring 2007

CSCI0312A-S07 Lecture

Spring 2006

CSCI0312A-S06 Lecture (Parker)