CSCI 0105

Algorithmic World

Understanding Our Algorithmic World
In this course through lectures, labs, and discussions, we will examine the nature of computers and their role in our lives. We will use the lens of multimedia programming to learn basic computer programming and how computers represent and manipulate many common forms of data, such as text and images. We will also talk about the history of computers and learn how they interoperate to create the world we know today, and we will examine the societal impacts of technology on our lives, including implications for privacy, access to resources, and the increasing role of algorithms in shaping our world. (not open to students who have taken CSCI 0145 or higher) 3 hrs. lect./lab
Computer Science
Computer Science
Natural Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2024

CSCI0105A-F24 Lecture

Spring 2022

CSCI0105A-S22 Lecture (Andrews)

Fall 2020

CSCI0105A-F20 Lecture (Andrews)
CSCI0105B-F20 Lecture (Andrews)