CRWR 0370

Advanced Fiction Workshop

Advanced Fiction Workshop
Study and practice in techniques of fiction writing through workshops and readings in short fiction and novels. Class discussions will be based on student manuscripts and published model works. Emphasis will be placed on composition and revision. (Approval required; please email a writing sample to cohen@middlebury.edu) (Formerly ENAM 0370) (Any 100-level CRWR course) (This course is not a college writing course) 3 hrs. sem
Creative Writing
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Spring 2025

CRWR0370A-S25 Lecture
CRWR0370Z-S25 Discussion

Fall 2024

CRWR0370A-F24 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2024

CRWR0370A-S24 Lecture (Parini)

Fall 2023

CRWR0370A-F23 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2023

CRWR0370A-S23 Lecture (Mayhew-Bergman)

Fall 2022

CRWR0370A-F22 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2022

CRWR0370A-S22 Lecture (Cohen)

Fall 2021

CRWR0370A-F21 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2021

CRWR0370A-S21 Lecture (Mayhew-Bergman)

Fall 2020

CRWR0370A-F20 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2020

CRWR0370A-S20 Lecture (Mayhew-Bergman)

Fall 2019

CRWR0370A-F19 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2019

CRWR0370A-S19 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2018

CRWR0370A-S18 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2017

CRWR0370A-F17 Lecture (Cohen)

Fall 2016

CRWR0370A-F16 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2016

CRWR0370A-S16 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2015

CRWR0370A-F15 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2015

CRWR0370A-S15 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2014

CRWR0370A-F14 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2014

CRWR0370A-S14 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2013

CRWR0370A-F13 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2013

CRWR0370A-S13 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2012

CRWR0370A-F12 Lecture (Cohen)