CRWR 0370

Advanced Fiction Workshop

Advanced Fiction: Reading and Writing Short Novels
Ian MacEwan once said that very few novels earn their length. In this course we will read short works by Roberto BolaƱo, Shirley Jackson, Toni Morrison, Renata Adler, Justin Torres, and Denis Johnson to explore the power of short novels and take a close look at prose, style, and economic character development. We will examine the constraints of space, and the freedom to experiment with form. Students will generate and workshop the beginnings of their own novellas, and class discussion will be based on our reading and creative work. 3 hrs. sem. (ENAM/CRWR 0170, ENAM/CRWR 0175, or ENAM/CRWR 0185) (Formerly ENAM 0370) (This course is not a college writing course) 3 hrs. sem.
Creative Writing
English & American Literatures
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Fall 2020

CRWR0370A-F20 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2020

CRWR0370A-S20 Lecture (Mayhew-Bergman)

Fall 2019

CRWR0370A-F19 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2019

CRWR0370A-S19 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2018

CRWR0370A-S18 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2017

CRWR0370A-F17 Lecture (Cohen)

Fall 2016

CRWR0370A-F16 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2016

CRWR0370A-S16 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2015

CRWR0370A-F15 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2015

CRWR0370A-S15 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2014

CRWR0370A-F14 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2014

CRWR0370A-S14 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2013

CRWR0370A-F13 Lecture (Cohen)

Spring 2013

CRWR0370A-S13 Lecture (Kramer)

Fall 2012

CRWR0370A-F12 Lecture (Cohen)