CHEM 0312

Inorganic & Physical Chemistry

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Laboratory
In this course students will carry out experiments in the field of inorganic and physical chemistry and write journal-style reports based on their results. In the first half of the semester students will conduct a multi-step synthesis and characterization of a Mo-Mo complex with a quadruple bond. Students will learn inert atmosphere synthetic techniques and how to use a glove box. The synthesized Mo-Mo complex will be characterized by UV-Vis, IR, 1H and 31P NMR spectroscopies, and cyclic voltammetry. In the second half of the semester students will conduct two physical chemistry experiments. First students will carry out a kinetic study of the isomerization of the Mo-Mo (alpha to beta or beta to alpha) complex by UV-Vis spectroscopy. Finally, students will obtain the high-resolution IR spectra of acetylene and deuterated acetylene and analyze the rotation-vibration spectra using statistical and quantum mechanics to obtain structural data and interpret the peak intensities. In addition to the laboratory activities, there will be lectures on metal quadruple bonds, principles of UV-Vis , IR, 1H and 31P NMR spectroscopies, cyclic voltammetry, and statistical mechanics. (CHEM 0311, CHEM 0351, and CHEM 0355. CHEM 0355 can be taken concurrently.) 3 hrs. lect. 3 hrs. lab
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Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Spring 2025

CHEM0312A-S25 Lecture
CHEM0312Z-S25 Lab

Spring 2024

CHEM0312A-S24 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0312Z-S24 Lab (Vasiliou, Shrestha)

Spring 2023

CHEM0312A-S23 Lecture (Cotts, Vasiliou)
CHEM0312Z-S23 Lab (Cotts, Vasiliou)

Spring 2022

CHEM0312A-S22 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0312Z-S22 Lab (Vasiliou)

Spring 2020

CHEM0312A-S20 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0312Z-S20 Lab (Vasiliou)

Spring 2019

CHEM0312A-S19 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0312Z-S19 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Spring 2018

CHEM0312A-S18 Lecture (Choi)
CHEM0312Z-S18 Lab (Choi)

Spring 2017

CHEM0312A-S17 Lecture (Choi, Vasiliou)
CHEM0312Z-S17 Lab (Choi, Vasiliou)

Spring 2016

CHEM0312A-S16 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0312Z-S16 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Spring 2015

CHEM0312A-S15 Lecture (Bunt, Vasiliou)
CHEM0312Z-S15 Lab (Bunt, Vasiliou)

Spring 2014

CHEM0312A-S14 Lecture (Choi, Vasiliou)
CHEM0312Z-S14 Lab (Choi, Vasiliou)

Spring 2013

CHEM0312A-S13 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0312Z-S13 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Spring 2012

CHEM0312A-S12 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0312Z-S12 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Spring 2011

CHEM0312A-S11 Lecture (Bunt, Choi)
CHEM0312Z-S11 Lab (Bunt, Choi)

Spring 2010

CHEM0312A-S10 Lecture (Larrabee, Choi)
CHEM0312Z-S10 Lab (Larrabee, Choi)

Spring 2009

CHEM0312A-S09 Lecture (Bunt, Boucher)
CHEM0312Z-S09 Lab (Bunt, Boucher)

Spring 2008

CHEM0312A-S08 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0312Z-S08 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Spring 2007

CHEM0312A-S07 Lecture (Bunt, Larrabee)
CHEM0312Z-S07 Lab (Bunt, Larrabee)

Spring 2006

CHEM0312A-S06 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0312Z-S06 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Spring 2005

CHEM0312A-S05 Lecture (Bunt, Larrabee)
CHEM0312Z-S05 Lab (Bunt, Larrabee)

Spring 2004

CHEM0312A-S04 Lecture (Bunt, Byers)
CHEM0312Z-S04 Lab (Bunt, Byers)