CHEM 0270

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry & Health
In this interdisciplinary course we will integrate organic, physical, and analytical chemistry to understand relationships between the molecular structure of environmental organic contaminants and their behavior in natural and built environments. We will examine human and wildlife exposure to toxins and foundational principles of environmental toxicology and endocrine disruption in order to assess the health implications of environmental pollution. Laboratory projects will familiarize students with methods of monitoring pollution, predicting chemical behavior, and assessing toxicity. (CHEM 0104 or CHEM 0107) 3 hrs. lect., 3 hrs. lab
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Natural Sciences
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Equivalent Courses:
ENVS 0270


Spring 2019

CHEM0270A-S19 Lecture
CHEM0270Z-S19 Lab

Spring 2018

CHEM0270A-S18 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S18 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2017

CHEM0270A-S17 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S17 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2016

CHEM0270A-S16 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S16 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2015

CHEM0270A-S15 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S15 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2014

CHEM0270A-S14 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S14 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2013

CHEM0270A-S13 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S13 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2012

CHEM0270A-S12 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S12 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2011

CHEM0270A-S11 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S11 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2010

CHEM0270A-S10 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0270Z-S10 Lab (Larrabee)

Spring 2009

CHEM0270A-S09 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S09 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2008

CHEM0270A-S08 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S08 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Spring 2007

CHEM0270A-S07 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S07 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)