BIOL 0490

Seminar in Plant Ecology

Seminar in Plant Ecology
Global climate change has led to a huge effort to collect data on the state of the planet, including measurements of temperature, atmospheric and oceanographic conditions, and species distributions and phenologies. Ecologists have never had access to such quantities of data, and thus need new methods for their description and analysis. In this course we will explore how to use statistical models to make sense of these data: how to develop, choose, and fit the best model for a particular data set. The course will be project-based, culminate in an independent project, and use the statistical software, R. (BIOL 0140 and one statistics course required, no R experience required.) 3 hr. sem./3 hr. lab
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2020

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BIOL0490Z-S20 Lab (Allen)

Winter 2019

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Spring 2016

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Spring 2014

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Spring 2013

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Spring 2011

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Spring 2008

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Fall 2004

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