BIOL 0350


Endocrinology is a branch of animal physiology devoted to the study of hormones and the endocrine glands that produce them. Hormones are essential for maintaining homeostasis and coordinating biological functions such as growth, reproduction, metabolism, and reaction to stress. This course will cover the diverse mechanisms through which hormones influence physiology and behavior. The endocrine system will provide a window into understanding animal physiology more broadly, with a focus on clinical applications. Lectures will describe the cellular and molecular basis of endocrine regulation and consider the function of each of the major hormone groups produced by the body, such as hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal, and sex steroids. Weekly journal article discussions will cover current topics in endocrinology, and written work allows students to research endocrine topics of their own interest. . (BIOL 0140 and BIOL 0145) 3 hrs. lect.
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2022

BIOL0350A-S22 Lecture (Spritzer)

Spring 2020

BIOL0350A-S20 Lecture (Spritzer)

Spring 2019

BIOL0350A-S19 Lecture (Spritzer)

Spring 2016

BIOL0350A-S16 Lecture (Spritzer)

Spring 2013

BIOL0350A-S13 Lecture (Spritzer)

Fall 2011

BIOL0350A-F11 Lecture (Spritzer)

Fall 2008

BIOL0350A-F08 Lecture (Rendi)

Spring 2008

BIOL0350A-S08 Lecture (Spritzer)

Spring 2007

BIOL0350A-S07 Lecture (Spritzer)

Fall 2005

BIOL0350A-F05 Lecture (Rendi)

Fall 2004

BIOL0350A-F04 Lecture (Parfitt)
BIOL0350Y-F04 Lab (Parfitt)
BIOL0350Z-F04 Lab (Parfitt)