BIOL 0304

Aquatic Ecology

Aquatic Ecology
This field course will introduce students to the freshwater aquatic ecosystems of the northeastern U.S., including lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands. We will explore the ecological processes that dominate these systems, the organisms that inhabit them, and the ecological techniques central to their study. Field exercises will include trips to many aquatic ecosystems in the region; experience with sampling techniques for measurement of physical, chemical, and biological features; and experimental design for answering questions about the relationships among species and between species and their environment. (BIOL 0140) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab.
Natural Sciences
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Fall 2018

BIOL0304A-F18 Lecture
BIOL0304B-F18 Lecture
BIOL0304Y-F18 Lab
BIOL0304Z-F18 Lab

Fall 2017

BIOL0304A-F17 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F17 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F17 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F17 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2016

BIOL0304A-F16 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F16 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F16 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F16 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2015

BIOL0304A-F15 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F15 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F15 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F15 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2014

BIOL0304A-F14 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F14 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F14 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F14 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2012

BIOL0304A-F12 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F12 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F12 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F12 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2011

BIOL0304A-F11 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F11 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F11 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F11 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2010

BIOL0304A-F10 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F10 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F10 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2009

BIOL0304A-F09 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F09 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F09 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F09 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2008

BIOL0304A-F08 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F08 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F08 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2006

BIOL0304A-F06 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-F06 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F06 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F06 Lab (Sheldon)

Spring 2006

BIOL0304A-S06 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-S06 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-S06 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-S06 Lab (Sheldon)

Spring 2005

BIOL0304A-S05 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304B-S05 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-S05 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-S05 Lab (Sheldon)

Fall 2003

BIOL0304A-F03 Lecture (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Y-F03 Lab (Sheldon)
BIOL0304Z-F03 Lab (Sheldon)