BIOL 0216

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior
The behavior of animals primarily from an ethological perspective, with respect to genetics, physiology, evolution, and other biological factors. The course follows the history and methods of studying individual and social behaviors like feeding, courtship, mating, parental care, defense, predation, and migration. We examine live animals in the field and lab to illustrate such processes as instinct, learning, and communication. Discussion topics address recent research, and students design their own research projects. Oral, and written reports are required. (BIOL 0140 or BIOL 0145) 2.5 hrs. lect./1 hr. video screen./3 hrs. lab
Natural Sciences
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Fall 2021

BIOL0216A-F21 Lecture (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Y-F21 Lab (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Z-F21 Lab (Spritzer)

Spring 2021

BIOL0216A-S21 Lecture (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Y-S21 Lab (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Z-S21 Lab (Spritzer)

Spring 2019

BIOL0216A-S19 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S19 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S19 Lab (Root)

Fall 2018

BIOL0216A-F18 Lecture (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Y-F18 Lab (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Z-F18 Lab (Spritzer)

Spring 2018

BIOL0216A-S18 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S18 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S18 Lab (Root)

Spring 2017

BIOL0216A-S17 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S17 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S17 Lab (Root)

Spring 2016

BIOL0216A-S16 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S16 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S16 Lab (Root)

Fall 2015

BIOL0216A-F15 Lecture (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Y-F15 Lab (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Z-F15 Lab (Spritzer)

Spring 2015

BIOL0216A-S15 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S15 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S15 Lab (Root)

Spring 2014

BIOL0216A-S14 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S14 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S14 Lab (Root)

Fall 2013

BIOL0216A-F13 Lecture (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Y-F13 Lab (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Z-F13 Lab (Spritzer)

Spring 2013

BIOL0216A-S13 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S13 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S13 Lab (Root)

Spring 2012

BIOL0216A-S12 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S12 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S12 Lab (Root)

Spring 2011

BIOL0216A-S11 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S11 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S11 Lab (Root)

Spring 2010

BIOL0216A-S10 Lecture (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Y-S10 Lab (Spritzer)
BIOL0216Z-S10 Lab (Spritzer)

Spring 2009

BIOL0216A-S09 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S09 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S09 Lab (Root)

Spring 2008

BIOL0216A-S08 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S08 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S08 Lab (Root)

Spring 2007

BIOL0216A-S07 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S07 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S07 Lab (Root)

Spring 2006

BIOL0216A-S06 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S06 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S06 Lab (Root)

Fall 2004

BIOL0216A-F04 Lecture (Parfitt)

Spring 2004

BIOL0216A-S04 Lecture (Root)
BIOL0216X-S04 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Y-S04 Lab (Root)
BIOL0216Z-S04 Lab (Root)