ART 0388

Pictures in Space

Pictures in Space
It is estimated that we see 4,000 to 10,000 images a day. In this class we examine the function and impact of images (photographic and otherwise). Topics of investigation include interactivity, activism, memes, storytelling, and artist/audience relationship. These will be explored through studio-based projects supplemented with readings, individual research, and group assignments. Projects consist of a public art/installation piece, a zine and a website. Exploring research topics from other disciplines is encouraged. A prerequisite of ART150 or ART0195 is recommended but not required. There will be introductory demonstrations designed to bring all students up to the necessary skill level. 6 hrs lect./lab
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
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Spring 2021

ART0388A-S21 Lecture

Spring 2020

ART0388A-S20 Lecture (Leftheris)

Spring 2019

ART0388A-S19 Lecture (Leftheris)

Spring 2018

ART0388A-S18 Lecture (Leftheris)