ART 0321

Sculpture II

Sculpture II: Welcome to the Artist Collective
This course requires no prior art-making experience and will focus on the creation of three-dimensional projects in small groups or as an entire class to tackle concepts and techniques that require more than one head and many hands. Projects will be outlined by the professor but developed by the class as a whole and will include ample opportunity to work with a wide range of materials from fabric to steel. Through the study and implementation of a variety of methodologies used by previous artist groups, the class will consider group dynamics and the overall efficacy of the collective. Consistent experimentation and reevaluation will play an integral role in this course. No Prerequisites. 6 hrs. lect. lab
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2013

ART0321A-S13 Lecture (Mirling)

Spring 2012

ART0321A-S12 Lecture (Mirling)