ART 0320

Vol, Scale & Concept in Sculpt

Volume, Scale and Concept in Sculpture
In this course we will investigate the techniques and principles of sculpture in relation to size, scale, volume, and concept. Instruction will include the techniques of wood and metal fabrication, armature building for clay and plaster objects, modeling of the human head from life, and mixed-media fabrication using both man-made and natural materials. We will also examine how concepts are embodied and communicated in three-dimensional art work. This course and ART 0319 can be taken in any order. Limited to 15 students. (ART 0159 and another introductory level studio practice course from the following list: ART 0160, ART 0161, ART 0162, ART 0163, ART 0164, ART 0165, ART 0180, THEA 0101, THEA 0111 ,THEA 0113, THEA 0119, THEA 0129, THEA 0205, FMMC 0105 , FMMC 0335 , FMMC 0243, FMMC 0346, HARC 0130) 6 hrs. lect.
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
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Spring 2010

ART0320A-S10 Lecture (Nelson)

Spring 2009

ART0320A-S09 Lecture (Nelson)

Spring 2008

ART0320A-S08 Lecture (Nelson)

Spring 2007

ART0320A-S07 Lecture

Spring 2006

ART0320A-S06 Lecture (Nelson)

Spring 2005

ART0320A-S05 Lecture (Nelson)

Spring 2004

ART0320A-S04 Lecture (Nelson)