ART 0316

Sequential Intaglio

Sequential Intaglio
In this course students will explore studio instruction in traditional and contemporary methods of intaglio printmaking such as dry point, aquatint, vernis mou, spit bite, hard ground, and line etching. Once the plate is made, it’s possible to print it multiple times so students may choose to manipulate the image during the printing process, making each image and final print look different. Exposure to contemporary and historical examples and the manifold technical possibilities that produce very different artistic expressions will be discussed in class. Students will receive tutorials and take part in individual and group critiques. (any intro level ART course or by approval) 6hrs. lect./lab
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
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Spring 2020

ART0316A-S20 Lecture (Jordan)

Spring 2005

ART0316A-S05 Lecture (Klein)

Spring 2004

ART0316A-S04 Lecture (Klein)