ART 0167

Intro to Sculpture-Form&Space

Intro to Sculpture-Form and Space
What defines a sculpture? How do we make a sculpture? How do we talk about sculpture? What purpose does sculpture have? In this foundational, 3-dimensional art class, we will address fundamental sculpture concepts by considering form, function, scale, volume, and ideas behind the tactile world. Students will learn useful techniques such as: basic welding and woodworking; as well as how to use less traditional materials like rubbers, plastics, and foams. Through a series of sculpture-making projects we will learn to control these methods in creating our own art objects. Slide presentations of contemporary and historical artworks will integrate individual instruction and group critiques. No experience is required or expected. 6 hrs. lect., lab
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Fall 2020

ART0167A-F20 Lecture (Boyd)

Fall 2019

ART0167A-F19 Lecture (Boyd)

Fall 2018

ART0167A-F18 Lecture (Mirling)

Spring 2015

ART0167A-S15 Lecture (Mirling)

Spring 2014

ART0167A-S14 Lecture (Mirling)