ART 0163

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling Through the Lens
This photo-based studio course examines the ways images work together in succession to build narratives. Students will study contemporary and historical approaches to the photo essay in addition to authoring their own stories with images they have taken or sourced by other means. While we will discuss the basics of image making, the class is focused on the sequencing of images. Students may use any type of camera for this class including cell phone cameras and no prior photographic knowledge is required. The class will culminate in a web-based slideshow and printed book projects for each individual student. 6 hrs. lect/dsc.
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2024

ART0163A-S24 Lecture

Spring 2023

ART0163A-S23 Lecture (Leftheris)

Fall 2020

ART0163A-F20 Lecture (Leftheris)
ART0163Y-F20 Lab (Leftheris)
ART0163Z-F20 Lab (Leftheris)