ART 0156

Unlearning What You See

Drawing: Unlearning What You See
Drawing is an intuitive act of expression. It serves many purposes: observation, emotional reflection, and creating altered realities beyond the written word. In this course we will learn foundational drawing techniques utilizing different approaches and materials including dry and wet media and basic sculptural principles to understand volume depicting space and figures. We address composition, scale, contour delineation, and tonal values. Developing a personal style will be paramount. Topics relating to drawing in the context of history and issues around who gets represented and how will be discussed. Readings and short lectures will inform these discussions. No prior drawing experience is expected. (Not open to students who have taken ART 0157 or ART 0159) 6 hrs lct.
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
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Equivalent Courses:
ART 0159
ART 0158
ART 0170
ART 0157 *


Fall 2020

ART0156A-F20 Lecture (Puerta)
ART0156B-F20 Lecture (Puerta)

Winter 2020

ART0156A-W20 Lecture (Puerta)

Fall 2019

ART0156A-F19 Lecture (Puerta)
ART0156B-F19 Lecture (Puerta)