ARDV 0216

Collaboration in the Arts

Collaboration in the Arts: The Creative Process Continues
Taking the experience and knowledge produced in ARDV 0116, The Creative Process, as our starting place, we will collaborate to build more extended, complex, multi-media projects- including performances, installations, and hybrid works. We will research artistic collaboration, that slippery creative relationship with models in every variety of art production, to inspire our hands-on investigations and put them into historical and cultural context. Readings will come from recent literature on collaboration in the arts. Journals, short research papers/presentations, and daily in-class experimentation will culminate in substantial final projects that are original, collaborative, and unpredictable. (ARDV 0116, ARDV 0117, or equivalent, or by approval)
Arts Division
Arts Division
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Winter 2017

ARDV0216A-W17 Lecture (ReMalia)

Winter 2015

ARDV0216A-W15 Lecture (Brown)

Fall 2013

ARDV0216A-F13 Lecture (Campbell)

Fall 2011

ARDV0216A-F11 Lecture (Campbell)