AMST 0400

Theory and Method

Theory and Method in American Studies (Junior Year)
A reading of influential secondary texts that have defined the field of American Studies during the past fifty years. Particular attention will be paid to the methodologies adopted by American Studies scholars, and the relevance these approaches have for the writing of senior essays and theses. (Open to junior American studies majors only.) 3 hrs. lect./disc.
American Studies
Program in American Studies
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AMCV 0400


Fall 2023

AMST0400A-F23 Seminar (Allen)

Fall 2022

AMST0400A-F22 Seminar (Allen)

Fall 2021

AMST0400A-F21 Seminar (Joo)

Fall 2020

AMST0400A-F20 Seminar (Allen)

Fall 2019

AMST0400A-F19 Seminar (Joo)

Fall 2018

AMST0400A-F18 Seminar (Allen)

Fall 2017

AMST0400A-F17 Seminar (Allen)

Fall 2016

AMST0400A-F16 Seminar (Allen)

Fall 2015

AMST0400A-F15 Seminar (Allen)

Fall 2014

AMST0400A-F14 Seminar (Allen)

Fall 2013

AMST0400A-F13 Seminar (Newbury)

Fall 2012

AMST0400A-F12 Seminar (Lint Sagarena)

Fall 2011

AMST0400A-F11 Seminar (Lint Sagarena)

Fall 2010

AMST0400A-F10 Seminar (Newbury)

Fall 2009

AMST0400A-F09 Seminar (Joo)

Fall 2008

AMST0400A-F08 Seminar (Joo)

Fall 2007

AMST0400A-F07 Lecture (Newbury)

Fall 2006

AMST0400A-F06 Lecture (Spears)