INTL 0436


Terrorism, the act of violent resistance against real or perceived oppression, has taken on new dimensions in an age dominated by mass media and technology. Can we make reliable distinctions between terrorism, anarchism, guerrilla warfare and random mass murder? What are the political, social, and cultural conditions that favor terrorism? What makes an individual a terrorist? How have governments coped with terrorist movements? What is "state terrorism"? Looking at terrorist movements across the globe, as well as the historical evolution of terrorism, this course will examine explanations for this disintegrative phenomenon given by social scientists, historians, writers, and filmmakers. Students interested in the possibility of receiving German credit for this course should contact Michael Geisler. This course is equivalent to GEOG 0436. 3 hrs. sem.
International Studies
Prog in International Studies
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
GEOG 0236
IGST 0236
IGST 0436 *
GEOG 0436
GRMN 0436
PSCI 0439
SOAN 0436

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