FREN 3304

Upper Intermediate

Level 3 - Upper Intermediate French is designed for students who have had significant previous instruction in French and are already able to function independently in full immersion. Typically, students at this level demonstrate textual/writing ability beyond the sentence level. The individual components of the program are designed to complement one another, and all include intensive study of the language. Students will also arrive at a broader appreciation of French and Francophone cultures and literatures. Students in Level 3 take the following four classes each day, awarding a total of three units of credit.

By the end of this seven-week immersion program, students should reach a B2 level of proficiency in all language skills. They will have no problem navigating a variety of real-world situations and will be able to speak with increasing ease, fluency, and spontaneity, to engage with a wide range of materials from various contexts, to recognize implicit meaning, and to show sophistication in all their skills.

3304 Introduction to Francophone literature and culture
This course is an introduction to Francophone history, culture and literature. It is impossible to study all the countries that have been under French influence, therefore, we have made a preliminary selection of countries and regions. Key words will guide our journey through the Francophone world: colonization, language, identity, conflict, oppression, equality, colonialism, independence, women’s rights, polygamy, intercultural relations. Through the study of historic documents, literary works, films, music and other authentic documents, the student will reach a better understanding of the richness and diversity in the Francophone world. This class will demand a lot of reading. The student must come to the class prepared and participate actively in group discussions. This course will also help students strengthen their knowledge of French grammar and improve their reading comprehension and writing skills.
Required Texts:
Ying CHEN, Les lettres chinoises, LEMEAC, 2015, ISBN: 9782760936126
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Sections in Summer 2019 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

Summer 2019 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

FREN3304A-L19 Lecture (Suarez-Valle)
FREN3304B-L19 Lecture (Suarez-Valle)
FREN3304C-L19 Lecture (Suarez-Valle)