SPAN 6747A

Argentine History


The purpose of this course is to analyze Argentine history during the 20th-century. It will focus on the major political processes, within their national and international contexts, including with some detail the influence of the populists´ movements and military dictatorships´ experiences on the nation´s development. (1 unit)

Required texts available in UADE Library: Novaro, Marcos, La dictadura militar (1976-1983) del golpe de estado a la restauracio´n democra´tica (Paidós, Buenos Aires, 2003. Ref. 94(82)"1976-1983" NOV DIC N.9 1A 2003); Rein, Raanan, Peronismo, populismo y poli´tica: Argentina 1943-1955, ed. de Belgrano (Buenos Aires, 1998. Ref. XX (293894.1); Rapoport, Mario, Historia econo´mica, poli´tica y social de la Argentina 1880-2000 (Macchi, Buenos Aires, 2003. Ref. 94(82) RAP HIS 5A 2003), Romero, Luis Alberto, Breve historia contemporánea de la Argentina (Fondo de Cultura Económica, Buenos Aires, 2003. Ref. 94(82) "1500/1983" ACA NUE V.1-V.10); Rock, David, Argentina en el siglo veinte economi´a y desarrollo poli´tico desde la e´lite conservadora a Pero´n-Pero´n (Lenguaje Claro editora, Buenos Aires, 2009. Ref. 338.1(82) ARG 1A 2009); Torre, Juan Carlos, La vieja guardia sindical y Pero´n sobre los ori´genes del peronismo (EDUNTREF, Buenos Aires, 2006. Ref. 32(82) TOR VIE 2A 2006).
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
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Civ Cul & Soc


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