Intermed SP: Oral & Written

Intermediate Spanish: Oral and Written Communication

In this class, students improve their written expression in Spanish by studying models of good writing in Spanish and producing a variety of text types; the course also serves as an introduction to academic writing. The language functions covered include past and future narration, extensive descriptions, comparisons, expressing opinions, and hypotheses. Students will expand on previous knowledge of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and integrate other content areas into their work. (1 unit)

Required texts for Level 2:
- Foerster, Lambright, & Alonso-Pino, Punto y Aparte, 5th edition (McGraw-Hill, 2015). This is a special package created for Middlebury College's Spanish School
- Tuten, Caycedo Garner and Esterrich, Fuentes: Lectura y redacción, 5th edition (Cengage, 2015), ebook version.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Language School
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Summer 2016 Language Schools

SPAN3203A-L16 Lecture (Echevarria)
SPAN3203B-L16 Lecture (Dona)
SPAN3203C-L16 Lecture (Moreno)
SPAN3203D-L16 Lecture

Summer 2015 Language Schools

SPAN3203A-L15 Lecture (Dona)
SPAN3203B-L15 Lecture (Echevarria)
SPAN3203C-L15 Lecture (Moreno)
SPAN3203D-L15 Lecture (Recaj Navarro)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

SPAN3203A-L14 Lecture (Marquez Gomez)
SPAN3203B-L14 Lecture (Echevarria)
SPAN3203C-L14 Lecture (Dona)

Summer 2013

SPAN3203A-L13 Lecture (Marquez Gomez)
SPAN3203B-L13 Lecture (Diaz)

Summer 2012

SPAN3203A-L12 Lecture (Marquez Gomez)
SPAN3203B-L12 Lecture (Diaz)

Summer 2011

SPAN3203A-L11 Lecture (Jimenez)
SPAN3203B-L11 Lecture (Marquez Gomez)
SPAN3203C-L11 Lecture (Roman-Morfin)

Summer 2010

SPAN3203A-L10 Lecture (Sanchez Millan)
SPAN3203B-L10 Lecture (Piera Sol)
SPAN3203C-L10 Lecture (Feldman)

Summer 2009

SPAN3203A-L09 Lecture (Jimenez Ramirez)
SPAN3203B-L09 Lecture (Saldivar)
SPAN3203C-L09 Lecture (Guzman Lopez Aguado)

Summer 2008

SPAN3203A-L08 Lecture (Rivero)
SPAN3203B-L08 Lecture (Jimenez Ramirez)
SPAN3203C-L08 Lecture (Aviles-Diz)

Summer 2007

SPAN3203A-L07 Lecture (Jimenez Ramirez)
SPAN3203B-L07 Lecture (Wolfenzon)
SPAN3203C-L07 Lecture (Hernandez)

Summer 2006

SPAN3203A-L06 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN3203B-L06 Lecture (Santillana)
SPAN3203C-L06 Lecture (Jimenez Ramirez)

Summer 2005

SPAN3203A-L05 Lecture (Ramos-Tremolada)
SPAN3203B-L05 Lecture (Santillana)
SPAN3203C-L05 Lecture (Jimenez Ramirez)

Summer 2004

SPAN3203A-L04 Lecture (Larochelle)
SPAN3203B-L04 Lecture (Celis)
SPAN3203C-L04 Lecture (Munoz Pina)