High Begin SP:Hisp Soc/Culture

High Beginning Spanish: Hispanic Societies and Cultures

This course is designed to develop and consolidate reading strategies by providing abundant opportunities to read a variety of authentic text types, such as newspapers and magazine articles, realia, and brief literary selections. The topics presented will integrate vocabulary and functions from other courses in the program, in addition to increasing cultural proficiency and knowledge. (1 unit)

Required text for Level 1.5: Marinelli & Mujica Laughlin, Puentes: Spanish for Intensive and High Beginner Courses 6th edition (Cengage, 2014). This is a special package created for Middlebury College's Spanish School.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:


Summer 2016 Language Schools

SPAN3154A-L16 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)
SPAN3154B-L16 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN3154C-L16 Lecture (Barrios)
SPAN3154D-L16 Lecture

Summer 2015 Language Schools

SPAN3154A-L15 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)
SPAN3154B-L15 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN3154C-L15 Lecture (Barrios)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

SPAN3154A-L14 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)
SPAN3154B-L14 Lecture (Colbert Cairns)
SPAN3154C-L14 Lecture (Moreno)

Summer 2013

SPAN3154A-L13 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)
SPAN3154B-L13 Lecture (Lorenzo-Garcia)
SPAN3154C-L13 Lecture (Dona)

Summer 2012

SPAN3154A-L12 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)
SPAN3154B-L12 Lecture (Lorenzo-Garcia)

Summer 2011

SPAN3154A-L11 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)

Summer 2010

SPAN3154A-L10 Lecture (Lorenzo-Garcia)
SPAN3154B-L10 Lecture (Saldivar)
SPAN3154C-L10 Lecture (Moreno)

Summer 2009

SPAN3154A-L09 Lecture (Lorenzo-Garcia)

Summer 2008

SPAN3154A-L08 Lecture (Sanchez Millan)
SPAN3154B-L08 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)
SPAN3154C-L08 Lecture (Lorenzo-Garcia)

Summer 2007

SPAN3154A-L07 Lecture (Garcia Velasco)
SPAN3154B-L07 Lecture (Lorenzo-Garcia)
SPAN3154C-L07 Lecture (Aviles-Diz)

Summer 2006

SPAN3154A-L06 Lecture (Garcia Velasco)
SPAN3154B-L06 Lecture (Recaj Navarro)

Summer 2005

SPAN3154A-L05 Lecture (Garcia Velasco)

Summer 2004

SPAN3154A-L04 Lecture (Gonzalez-Sancho)