Beginning SP: Oral & Written

This course is designed to develop writing skills through a process approach that includes strategies and techniques such as composing, revising, paraphrasing, editing, and using a bilingual dictionary. In connection with the cultural contents provided in other courses at the same level, students will produce writing of various kinds, such as messages, descriptions, comparisons, and brief narratives that integrate the content areas, tasks, and structures from the other courses in the program. (1 unit)

Required text for Level 1:
Ramos & Davis, Portafolio (McGraw Hill, 2009). This is a special package created for Middlebury College's Spanish School.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Summer 2016 Language Schools

SPAN3103A-L16 Lecture (Diaz)
SPAN3103B-L16 Lecture (Lara)

Summer 2015 Language Schools

SPAN3103A-L15 Lecture (Diaz)
SPAN3103B-L15 Lecture (Lara)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

SPAN3103A-L14 Lecture (Diaz)

Summer 2013

SPAN3103A-L13 Lecture (Reyes Giardiello)

Summer 2012

SPAN3103A-L12 Lecture (Guzman Lopez Aguado)
SPAN3103B-L12 Lecture (Roman-Morfin)

Summer 2011

SPAN3103A-L11 Lecture (Lorenzo-Garcia)

Summer 2010

SPAN3103A-L10 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)

Summer 2009

SPAN3103A-L09 Lecture (Roncal-Ramirez)

Summer 2008

SPAN3103A-L08 Lecture (Del Olmo Ibanez)

Summer 2007

SPAN3103A-L07 Lecture (Aviles-Diz)

Summer 2006

SPAN3103A-L06 Lecture (Garcia Velasco)
SPAN3103B-L06 Lecture (Recaj Navarro)

Summer 2005

SPAN3103A-L05 Lecture (Garcia Velasco)

Summer 2004

SPAN3103A-L04 Lecture (Gamboa)