RUSS 3200

Advanced Introductory Russian

For students with approximately 100 hours of prior formal classroom instruction in Russian; students placing into this course have usually had one year of college Russian (at three hours per week). Students typically complete this course with intermediate low to intermediate-mid language skills.
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Summer 2017 Language Schools

RUSS3200A-L17 Lecture (Dolack, Bondarenko)

Summer 2016 Language Schools

RUSS3200A-L16 Lecture (Aysakova, Pike)

Summer 2015 Language Schools

RUSS3200A-L15 Lecture (Aysakova, Dolack)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

RUSS3200A-L14 Lecture (Rutsala, Basharina)

Summer 2013

RUSS3200A-L13 Lecture (Aysakova, Rutsala)

Summer 2012

RUSS3200A-L12 Lecture (Aysakova, Rutsala)
RUSS3200B-L12 Lecture (Aysakova, Rutsala)

Summer 2011

RUSS3200A-L11 Lecture (Aysakova, Rutsala)
RUSS3200B-L11 Lecture (Aysakova, Rutsala)

Summer 2010

RUSS3200A-L10 Lecture (Aysakova, Murphy)
RUSS3200B-L10 Lecture (Aysakova, Murphy)

Summer 2009

RUSS3200A-L09 Lecture
RUSS3200B-L09 Lecture (Ivleva)

Summer 2008

RUSS3200A-L08 Lecture (Thomasy)
RUSS3200B-L08 Lecture (Spasova)

Summer 2007

RUSS3200A-L07 Lecture (Spasova, Yordanova)
RUSS3200B-L07 Lecture (Spasova, Yordanova)

Summer 2006

RUSS3200A-L06 Lecture (Little)
RUSS3200B-L06 Lecture

Summer 2005

RUSS3200A-L05 Lecture (Mikhailova, Galie)

Summer 2004

RUSS3200A-L04 Lecture (Mikhailova, Galie)