PGSE 3200

Cultural Studies 1.5

Lusophone Cultural Studies

This course sequence is intended for students with a strong background in Spanish or in another Romance language (native or near-native proficiency). It is designed to expand the PSGE 3198 & PSGE 3199 courses, with a specific focus on the cultural manifestations that shape the Lusophone world nowadays, aiming at strengthening speaking, argumentative, and writing skills. The program integrates the teaching of language in a formal classroom setting within a cultural context that may include history, media, music, cinema, literature, environment studies, and the arts in general, as well as the study of the colonization process and its cultural manifestations through a historical, geographical, political, and anthropological point of view. Students are also exposed to other phenomena that contributed to the formation of contemporary civilization in Portuguese-speaking countries through intensive reading and interpersonal oral expression, developing their listening, writing, interpretative, and communicative skills through critical thinking. By the end of the course, students have developed the ability to use connected discourse in major time frames with good control of the target language, with a deeper understanding of the cultural manifestations of the Lusophone world.

Bibliography for PGSE 3200 will vary each year. Material will be provided by the instructors.
Portuguese (LS)
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:


Summer 2016 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L16 Lecture
PGSE3200B-L16 Lecture (Cavalcante Neto, Fitzgibbon, Prates)

Summer 2015 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L15 Lecture (Campos, Cavalcante Neto, Prates)
PGSE3200B-L15 Lecture (Campos, Cavalcante Neto, Prates)

Summer 2014 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L14 Lecture (Prates, Butterman, Gomes)
PGSE3200B-L14 Lecture (Prates, Butterman, Gomes)

Summer 2013, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L13 Lecture (Ribeiro, Butterman, da Silva)
PGSE3200B-L13 Lecture (Santos, Prates, Tosta)

Summer 2012, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L12 Lecture (Castro, Silveira, Teixeira)
PGSE3200B-L12 Lecture (Santos, Sayao Carneiro, Silveira)

Summer 2011, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L11 Lecture (Santos, Ferreira, Sousa)
PGSE3200B-L11 Lecture (Ferreira, Ribeiro, Souza Moreira)

Summer 2010, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L10 Lecture (Santos, Lewis, Ribeiro)
PGSE3200B-L10 Lecture (da Costa, Ladeira, Rocha)

Summer 2009, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L09 Lecture (Santos, Monteiro, Simoes)

Summer 2008, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L08 Lecture (Santos, Alvahydo, Ladeira)

Summer 2007, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L07 Lecture (Tesser, Santos, Vasconcelos)
PGSE3200B-L07 Lecture

Summer 2006, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L06 Lecture (Franco, Santos, Simoes)
PGSE3200B-L06 Lecture (Franco, Santos, Simoes)

Summer 2005, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3200A-L05 Lecture (Pires, Bacelar da Silva, Santos, Santos)
PGSE3200B-L05 Lecture (Pires, Bacelar da Silva, Santos, Santos)