Intensive Beg Pgse Span Speakr

Intensive Beginning Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

This course sequence focuses specifically on issues that arise when Spanish-speakers learn Portuguese. Because of the similarity between the two languages, typically Spanish speakers progress through Portuguese language classes at an astonishingly fast rate. In addition, with work on vocabulary and specific structures, they are able to communicate at a higher proficiency level in a shorter period of time. In this program, students not only have proficiency-oriented instruction to develop their communicational skills, but they are also constantly challenged to improve their pronunciation in the target language. Students with some formal instruction in Portuguese may also place in this level depending on their proficiency. Based on previous Portuguese School summers, the majority of students completing this level achieve Intermediate High to Advanced Low levels in the final oral assessment.

Basic bibliography: Pastreau, C. et al. Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese as a World Language. 2nd. Edition, Prentice Hall, 2012.

Set with Textbook, SAM, answer key and a Spanish-Portuguese dictionary. SAM and answer key may be Brazilian Port. or European Port., depending on the variant student wants to emphasize.
Portuguese (LS)
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Summer 2016 Language Schools

PGSE3199A-L16 Lecture
PGSE3199B-L16 Lecture (Dominique)

Summer 2015 Language Schools

PGSE3199A-L15 Lecture (Forcelini)
PGSE3199B-L15 Lecture (Forcelini)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

PGSE3199A-L14 Lecture (Forcelini)
PGSE3199B-L14 Lecture (Forcelini)

Summer 2013

PGSE3199A-L13 Lecture (Tosta)
PGSE3199B-L13 Lecture (Forcelini)

Summer 2012

PGSE3199A-L12 Lecture (Zakir)
PGSE3199B-L12 Lecture (Castro)

Summer 2011

PGSE3199A-L11 Lecture (Santos, Ferreira, Sousa)
PGSE3199B-L11 Lecture (Ferreira, Ribeiro, Souza Moreira)

Summer 2010

PGSE3199A-L10 Lecture (da Costa, Lewis, Santos)
PGSE3199B-L10 Lecture (da Costa, Ladeira, Rocha)

Summer 2009

PGSE3199A-L09 Lecture (Santos, Monteiro, Simoes)

Summer 2008

PGSE3199A-L08 Lecture (Santos, Alvahydo, Ladeira)

Summer 2007

PGSE3199A-L07 Lecture (Santos, Tesser, Vasconcelos)
PGSE3199B-L07 Lecture

Summer 2006

PGSE3199A-L06 Lecture (Simoes, Santos)
PGSE3199B-L06 Lecture (Franco, Santos, Simoes)

Summer 2005

PGSE3199A-L05 Lecture (Pires, Bacelar da Silva, Santos, Santos)
PGSE3199B-L05 Lecture (Pires, Bacelar da Silva, Santos, Santos)