ITAL 6723

E. Morante & V. Consolo Novels

Elsa Morante’s and Vincenzo Consolo’s Novels

The course will discuss some novels by Elsa Morante and Vincenzo Consolo, which are also a reflection on some moments of Italian history from Risorgimento to Resistance to the years of terrorism. We will read the following novels in chronological order: Elsa Morante, La Storia (1974); Aracoeli (1982); Vincenzo Consolo, La ferita dell'aprile (1963); Il sorriso dell'ignoto marinaio (1976); Lo spasimo di Palermo (1998). A discussion of the historical and political climate of Italy in the periods in which the novels are set will accompany the reading of the novels.

Required texts: Vincenzo Consolo, La ferita dell'aprile (1963), Milano: Mondadori, 2008;ISBN: 9788804577430; 8804577436
Vincenzo, Consolo, Il sorriso dell'ignoto marinaio (1976), Milano:
Mondadori, 2009; ISBN: 9788804528548; 8804528540
Vincenzo Consolo, Lo spasimo di Palermo (1998), Milano: Mondadori, 2007;
ISBN: 9788804472018; 8804472014
Elsa Morante, La Storia (1974), Torino: Einaudi, 2005; ISBN: 9788806177409
(2008); 8806177400 (br) Series ISSN: 2240-2241
Elsa Morante, Aracoeli (1982), Torino: Einaudi, 2007; ISBN: 9788806174514;
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Civ Cul & Soc Literature


Summer 2013, LS 6 Week Session

ITAL6723A-L13 Lecture (Livorni)