ITAL 6717

Globalization of Criminal Org

The Globalization of Criminal Organizations

This course aims to analyze the globalization of diverse criminal organizations (Mafias) and their entrance in the ‘new economy.’ At first, the course will examine the origins of this globalization: the summit of Palermo and Appalachian in 1957; the market of the heroine; the investigation of the French and Pizza Connection; the testimony of Joe Valachi; and the cover up of Joe Pistone’s that revealed the secrets of the ‘Cosa Nostra’ to Americans. Then students will be introduced to the diverse ‘Mafias’criminal organizations in Italy. For example, the ‘Ndrangheta will be analyzed as one new example of globalized criminality, including the diverse activities in which it is involved: kidnapping, construction market, drug trafficking, money laundering, and investments in the legal economy. Keeping in mind the evolution from the old to the new economy, this course will conclude with the internalization of markets, the condition of the legal economy, and above all criminal organizations’ relationship with power in moments of economical crisis. The course will also take into consideration the diverse sectors of success of the Mafia economy and the cultural, political, and economic acceptance of its infiltration into society.

*Required texts*: /La mafia spiegata ai ragazzi
, Antonio Nicaso, Mondadori, ISBN 978-88-04-60368-9
Dire e non dire, I dieci comandamenti della 'ndrangheta nelle parole degli affiliati, Nicola Gratteri, Antonio Nicaso, ISBN 978-88-04-62306-9
Gomorra, Roberto Saviano, Mondadori, ISBN 978-88-04-61316-9.
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Civ Cul & Soc


Summer 2013, LS 6 Week Session

ITAL6717A-L13 Lecture (Nicaso)