GRMN 6662

Cultural History East Prussia

Prussia from the Margins: A Cultural History of East Prussia
3-week course, 1st session, July 5 - July 26

This course provides an insight into the fascinating cultural legacy of the “Atlantis of the North”: East Prussia. Immanuel Kant, Käthe Kollwitz, Siegfried Lenz, Hannah Arendt: They represent the former easternmost Prussian and later German province’s multi-ethnic traditions. In the late 19th century, East Prussia was in the focus of nationalist claims and debates. East Prussia represents an ideal case study for the gradual demise of a diverse culture being overturned by nationalism and racism. In 1945, at the end of the Nazi years, East Prussia finally disappeared from the geographical map. This course will look at East Prussia’s past in culture, literature and ethnic traditions and what to what extent the region still matters for Germans, Poles, Lithuanians and Russians alike.

Required Text: Lenz, Siegfried: Heimatmuseum. München 2006 (dtv)
Kossert, Andreas: Ostpreußen. Geschichte und Mythos. München 2007 (pantheon) Lipscher, Winfried/Kazimierz Brakoniecki (Hgg.): Meiner Heimat Gesicht. München 1996. [alternatively:Zweite Ausgabe: Ostpreußen im Spiegel der Menschen und Landschaft. Meiner Heimat Gesicht. Augsburg (?) 2000 (Weltbild)] Manthey, Jürgen: Königsberg. Geschichte einer Weltbürgerrepublik. München 2006 (dtv)

Additionally, a reader will be made available.
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Area Studies


Summer 2012, LS 3 Week Session I

GRMN6662A-L12 Lecture (Kossert)