Stylistics, Expository Writing, and Communication

This course meets for two hours daily and forms the core of the 400 level program. It aims at strengthening the student's ability to write and speak German at an advanced level through development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills with an emphasis on advanced elements of communication and style. Attention will be paid to fine points of grammar, use of idioms, appropriate register. Classroom activities are enhanced by audio and video material as well as visitations by, and subsequent discussions with, German School guests and visitors. Lectures, films, and other cultural events of the German School will be incorporated into the course.

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Language School
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Summer 2016 Language Schools

GRMN3401A-L16 Lecture (Levine)

Summer 2015 Language Schools

GRMN3401A-L15 Lecture (Levine)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

GRMN3401A-L14 Lecture (Wieden)

Summer 2013

GRMN3401A-L13 Lecture (Wieden)

Summer 2012

GRMN3401A-L12 Lecture (Wieden, Kirchner)

Summer 2011

GRMN3401A-L11 Lecture (Gramling)

Summer 2010

GRMN3401A-L10 Lecture (Wegel)

Summer 2009

GRMN3401A-L09 Lecture (Geffers Browne)

Summer 2008

GRMN3401A-L08 Lecture (Geffers Browne)

Summer 2007

GRMN3401A-L07 Lecture (Geffers Browne)

Summer 2006

GRMN3401A-L06 Lecture (Geffers Browne)

Summer 2005

GRMN3401A-L05 Lecture (Geffers Browne)

Summer 2004

GRMN3401A-L04 Lecture (Geffers Browne)