FREN 6685

World Economic Crisis

Understanding world economical crisis today / Comprendre la crise aujourd’hui et ses implications sur l’Europe

The world is going throught it’s worst economical crisis since 1929. This crisis tends to undermine the frame of capitalism. The weakness of the american growth and the recession in Europe give way to the wealth of new nations like China, Brazil and India. Europe is in a very bad shape and a deep reform of it’s institution is badly needed as well as it’s economical system.
France need to rewamp it’s economical model to face this new environnement.
In this course we will give an historical perspective to understand how this crisis occurred. With the help of simple economical notion we will explain the main mechanism of this crisis. We will also focus on social problems.
Our aim is to help the students to understand how a new world is coming.

Required Text: Jean-Luc Gréau, La Grande Récession (depuis 2005) folio, Editions Gallimard, 2012.
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Civ Cul & Soc Methodology


Summer 2013, LS 6 Week Session

FREN6685A-L13 Lecture (Agostini)
FREN6685B-L13 Lecture (Agostini)