FREN 6621

Hist in Afr & Caribbean Cinema

L'histoire dans le cinéma africain et antillais postcolonial / History in African and Caribbean Postcolonial Cinema

History is one of French contemporary African and Caribbean cinema since his origin. From famous Senegalese creator Ousmane Sembene ( La noire de or Camp de Thiaroye ) to Martinican Euhzan Palcy ( Une saison blanche et sèche ), from another famous Senegalese Djibril Diop Mambety ( Le retour de la vieille dame ) to Camerounian Jean-Pierre Bekolo ( Quartier Mozart ), from Haitian Raoul Peck ( Lumumba ) to Martinicans Guy Deslauriers and Patrick Chamoiseau ( Le passage du milieu ), we will analyse forms of films, discourses and ideologies of creators. We will show particularly how these creators deal with colonialism, postcolonialism, politics history and aesthetics.
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Civ Cul & Soc


Summer 2010, LS 6 Week Session

FREN6621A-L10 Lecture (Fonkoua)