CHNS 6629

Material Development in TCSL

Methods and Material Development in TCFL

This course will give students the opportunity to compare and discuss different tactics, methods and skills of teaching Chinese in a classroom, as well as the ways to select, use, and supplement course materials for a Chinese class. Through assigned readings, lectures, classroom observation, case study analyses, teaching activity designs, and analysis of Chinese teaching materials, students will improve their abilities to teach in the classroom and to select and use proper teaching materials.

This course is separated into four units: 1. Classroom teaching principles and methods, as well as classroom management; 2. the applications of theory for teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities in the Chinese-teaching classroom, 3. development and creativity with Chinese teaching materials, and 4. using,analyzing and evaluating Chinese teaching materials.

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Xú Ziliàng and Wú Rénfu. Shíyòng Duìwài Hànyu Jiàoxuéfa. Peking University Press, 2005. ISBN 7-301-08092-1.

Liú Xún. Duì Wài Hànyu Jiàoyù Yinlùn. Beijing Languages University Press, 2000. ISBN 978- 7-5619-0874-7.
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Summer 2011, LS 6 Week Session

CHNS6629A-L11 Lecture (Liu)