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Grants & Contracts

This workshop trains participants in the process of developing a proposal, from strategy to writing, toward generating funding for international assistance projects. It asks the core question: what are key elements of proposal development processes in competitive bids for international development funding? In it, students will examine real, existing proposals prepared largely by non-governmental organizations pursuing grants, but also by for-profit development companies bidding on contracts. Proposal writing will be addressed from a strategic perspective—i.e. understanding where funding is (e.g. USAID, foundations, EC) today, and how to position a concept in a competitive environment. Visual presentation skills, charts, budgets, and narrative writing skills will be equally important. Students will put themselves in the shoes of program development officers soliciting funding in responses to RFAs, RFPs, framework agreements, or other leads with donor organizations.

Class readings will focus largely on review and critiques of real-world, existing proposals, as well as studying about the process, donors, proposal elements, donor regulations, and emerging funding opportunities. Examples will give students context with regard to proposals from different development thematic areas (e.g. food aid, humanitarian aid, global programs, capacity-building, education, HIV/AIDS/malaria, logistics, human rights, etc.).

This is a graduate level course designed for those pursuing careers in international development and humanitarian assistance, whether from a donor or implementing agency track. Student assignments will be to write an original short proposal, to profile a donor agency, and to critique two existing proposals. Students are encouraged to work in groups. Class discussions will be open to exploring how the competitive industry of aid works today, how NGOs and companies partner on project ideas and bids, and the timing and process of new program development

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