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Wks: Counterterrorism

The Counter-Terrorism Workshop is designed to address the challenges of terrorism in the current and future global security environment in a participatory seminar format. Specifically, the workshop briefly reviews the threat terrorism poses to liberal democratic states, citizens and policymakers, then explores how liberal democracies can best predict, prevent, preempt and, if necessary, directly combat terrorism. The workshop leverages the instructor's counter-terrorism experience, which spans nearly three decades in various operational and academic assignments. The workshop assumes a baseline understanding of terrorism (prior completion of a basic terrorism course is recommended) but will review the “new terrorism” briefly to ensure that all workshop members have a common frame of reference. Students will then explore numerous facets of counter-terrorism strategies, policies and operations. Special attention will be given to addressing terrorist threats in a democratic society. Three case studies (Mumbai, the Times Square Bomber, and a case of the student's choosing) will illustrate the real challenges of countering terrorism in democratic countries. Students will conduct a graded group exercise that pits their skills and ingenuity against counter-terrorist forces.

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