Senior Honors

As prerequisite, students must have an A- or above average in Italian courses and a B overall average to be considered for honors work. They may achieve honors through a one-credit thesis of 25 or more pages, whose work may extend over one or more semesters, or through a comprehensive exam. Italian faculty as a group will consider and approve requests by qualified juniors and seniors to engage in honors work.
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All Sections in Spring 2014

Spring 2014

ITAL0755A-S14 Senior Work
ITAL0755B-S14 Senior Work (Carletti)
ITAL0755C-S14 Senior Work (Zupan)
ITAL0755D-S14 Senior Work (Mula)
ITAL0755E-S14 Senior Work (Van Order)
ITAL0755F-S14 Senior Work (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0755H-S14 Senior Work (Barashkov)